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  • Serving commercial, industrial and residential clients since 1970
  • Employee owned and operated
  • Focused on Western Canada with the ability to work worldwide
  • Capabilities range from office towers to residential and service
  • Dependable professional services and trade partners
  • ISO 9001-2000 quality management
  • Revenues of over $1 billion since conception
Humidity: 100%
Wind: 3 km/h


About Us

Meet the Team:


The River Project

Justin has worked at Custom for a little over 16 years, he got a late start in the trade at 27 years old.  What Justin likes most about working at Custom is how the company's values align with his own. Unlike other companies in the market that have a “hire and fire” mentality Custom has always made him feel valued for his contributions. There is a real effort to ensure stable employment and career support for those employees that help give this organization its sterling reputation. Management works tirelessly to capture innovative projects across all sectors and our organization has been involved in some of the most challenging, interesting, and prestigious jobs in the province. This is an organization that he feels proud to be a part of and looks forward to contributing for years to come.


Justin currently has his Red Seal Journeyman Electrician from SAIT/ Certified Master Electrician and PEC.  He is currently working towards his Gold Seal/PMP and will be starting his MBA in the first quarter of 2017.


Justin was the superintendent for the River project, part of his responsibilities included:

  • Scheduling
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Labour
  • Materials
  • Representing Custom at meetings
  • Public relations
  • Coordinating the work of our subtrades
  • Pricing changes
  • Safety and Employee wellbeing
  • Ensuring compliance with Safety Codes


This project consisted of 38 custom high end homes with an ownership base that would accept nothing but the best. In 2013 The River project broke all records for price per sq/ft in the Calgary condominium market and is currently the premier address in the city.


Some of the challenges that were faced on this project were the complexity of each unit and ensuring the most current information was in the field for crews to utilize. No two units were the same and they contain the latest in residential technology, home automation, and convenience. In addition to the complexity there was a large volume of “just in time” information on this project that needed to be relayed to the crews doing the work to ensure our scope was completed to the requirements of the owners. Justin accomplished this through the use of Bluebeam’s collaborative features and the use of iPads in the field.


On top of all of that in 2013 Mother Nature decided to throw the project a curve ball in the form of a flood. The project is located on the Elbow River in the Mission area and was decimated by the flood. He remembers his wife calling to inform him that a flood warning had been issued and that he should leave the site. He walked the 12 feet from his site office to the river’s edge and there was still 6 feet of bank so he wasn’t alarmed. The next morning he received a call saying the site was closed. Later that day Justin saw  his  site office on the news, wedged against the 25th street Bridge in the middle of the river. It took 4 months of clean up for the project to resume normal operation.


The highlight for the project  was the opportunity to work with the dedicated crew of employees that were on the project. They accepted the challenges of the project and worked diligently to overcome them as a team.


Due to the nature of the project and the schedule setbacks from the flood and purchaser agreements the schedule was always a puzzle to be solved on this project. We kept open lines of communication with the general contractor to ensure a productive work flow for our crews. We tracked the progress of each unit to the schedule through photos and pre-rough in logs. We avoided starting work in areas that were not ready for us and left them when trade stacking occurred. We were the only trade on site that did not require overtime and crewing up to meet project milestones. The crews consistently meet their required completion dates for the project through planning and team work.



Seton Marriot Project

John started his career with Custom Electric in 1987 (a little over 28 years).  John received his journeyman ticket in 1991, and spent a little over 15 years working in the service department which was an education in itself.  John is currently working on his CME, PEC  and GSC certificates.


John was the site foreman for the Seton Marriott Hotel complex.  Durnig his time working on this site, John experienced many challenges, one of the more interesting challenges was the day the job site had to be evacuated after a full grown cougar was found on the site.  It ran past some of the workers in a stairwell.  Now that is an interesting day at the job!