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  • Serving commercial, industrial and residential clients since 1970
  • Employee owned and operated
  • Focused on Western Canada with the ability to work worldwide
  • Capabilities range from office towers to residential and service
  • Dependable professional services and trade partners
  • ISO 9001-2000 quality management
  • Revenues of over $1 billion since conception
Humidity: 47%
Wind: 3 km/h



Custom Electric has a continuing hiring process which ensures we maintain a strong workforce with the best abilities and mixed experience. This process ensures we are always active in seeking the best employees and keep in touch with current demands. Custom Electric is proud to be employee owned which relates to a strong commitment to all who work within Custom Electric.

Custom Electric encourages and supports employees in their continuing academic endeavours. As employees of all levels of qualifications continue through their careers Custom Electric provides ongoing on-the-job training and any required off site training such as fall protection, lift and first aid.

We structure the supervision of projects in a way that ensures apprentices see as varied an apprenticeship as possible getting to work on as many different aspects of the industry and products as reasonably possible.


If you are ready to start your career as an Electrician and have a resume ready please use this website to upload it:


  • Your resume/application will be reviewed.
  • Qualified candidates will be contacted to arrange a time for an interview at our office
  • Upon successful completion of the interview and any required reference checks Custom Electric will contact you with details of the job offer