Did you know that Calgary averages 2,936 hours of sunlight each year? We are the sunniest major city in Canada, with Winnipeg, Edmonton and Regina coming behind in terms of annual sunlight hours. Calgary is the ideal place to utilize solar technology.  

With more Calgarians and businesses alike adopting alternative energy sources to operate buildings and homes, the City has released a solar potential map for those interested in the viability of solar as an energy source for their property.

Compiling data from 2012 to 2016, the City has mapped solar energy potential for all buildings within city limits, showing various degrees of a roof’s solar exposure on an annual basis via different colour codes. The data model takes into account terrain, building rooftops and other structure position, existing infrastructure, and tree canopies.

Granted, for those seriously considering implementing solar systems for their home or commercial property, your best bet is to contact one of Custom Electric’s certified solar electricians so your property can be accurately assessed in terms of roof pitch, sunlight exposure and surrounding buildings and landscape. The City’s solar potential map does disclose that it is only a preliminary solar opportunity assessment tool and notes that building/infrastructure changes past 2016 have not been accounted for.

How does a solar power system work?

  1. Solar PV (Photovoltaic) panels are mounted on your roof or elsewhere on the property to absorb energy from the sun
  2. An inverter converts the electricity into a usable form and is equipped with a performance monitoring system which tracks the amount of electricity that is produced
  3. Electricity is then used to power your home or businesses’ electronics including computers, lights, etc.
  4. Any unused electricity is metered and fed back into the electricity grid

The Alberta Government has created incentives for homeowners, multi-residential property owners and commercial property owners to make the change to renewable energy.  Launching a $36 Million rebate program for new solar installations, incentive levels are detailed below:


Getting a Solar Power System Installed in Calgary

Are you looking to get a solar power system installed but still have additional questions? That’s what we’re here for! At Custom Electric, our highly skilled Solar Electricians will answer your questions providing their expertise on design, design-assist, supply and installation of solar PV systems.

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