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Since 2013, Custom Electric has partnered with CAREERS The Next Generation by mentoring and training high school students who want to enter the electrical trade. CAREERS partners with government, educators, communities, industry, parents and students to introduce youth to rewarding careers, while also offering employers in the trades, industrial technologies or health services access to local youth interested in their industry.

Win-win opportunity

Custom Electric employed six students in 2018 from the CAREERS program. It’s a great opportunity for our company to support our industry and to help develop skilled workers for the future. And the students we hire get the chance to be mentored by experienced tradespeople and learn more about the industry.

High praise for Custom Electric

It’s also an opportunity for Custom Electric and its employees to give back to our community. This year, a Calgary Board of Education Off Campus Teacher contacted CAREERS to mention how two of Custom’s Site Supervisors were amazing mentors, not just in teaching the electrical discipline, but in also talking to these high school students about career choices and professional choices.

Custom Electric Ltd. encourages and supports our own employees in their continuing education endeavours, providing ongoing on the job and off-site training. Apprentices with our company receive a comprehensive and thorough education, with exposure to a wide range of projects and products, where possible.

Custom Electric is proud to support organizations like CAREERS The Next Generation and to support our industry and our community. Our goal is to inspire future electricians!