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Electrical equipment failures account for millions of dollars in damage and lost business revenue every year. Why? The failure to implement a preventative maintenance program.

As electrical infrastructure ages, more problems occur and begin to steamroll. It’s critical to update infrastructure rather than apply ineffective patches time and time again.

Prevent close to 70% of electrical equipment failures.

Simply performing routine maintenance can prevent about two-thirds of electrical equipment failures. Components and systems that don’t undergo scheduled preventative maintenance are 3X more likely to fail.

Preventative maintenance is much more cost effective than repair costs, plus they can be done on your schedule, rather than in a crisis situation during your busy season.  Custom Electric’s service department is specifically designed to accommodate clients of all sizes and industries, including those in the residential and commercial sectors.

We have 15 full time service technicians who operate fully stocked service vehicles along with an experienced Service Manager, Service Coordinator, and Estimator. This gives our team the flexibility needed to be able to quickly respond to any service call.

Bucket truck needs

Hire Custom Electric to service your bucket truck needs. Our highly trained electricians can perform the following jobs:

  1. Install and remove overhead services

  2. Lighting retrofit

  3. LED lighting upgrades

  4. Overhead services

  5. Install standard pole lights

Electrical Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

Custom Electric specializes in the installation of Electrical Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations for commercial properties. As the adoption of hybrid and electrical vehicle increases, so does the need to have EV Charging Stations available to tenants. Up to speed with the latest advances in electrical solutions and best practices, our service team advises, designs and installs EV Charging Stations for your property.

Custom Electric can provide regular preventative maintenance at any time, but we recommend yearly electrical equipment maintenance. Some components may need more frequent maintenance to ensure that they continue to operate reliably.

Our Philosophy

All the projects we undertake are unique, but how we work remains consistent — a safe working environment and highest quality workmanship with a focus on minimizing cost and reducing construction duration.

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