How many thirsty elephants would it take to drain all four pools in the newest phase at the ATB Centre in Lethbridge? It would take 9,541 elephants to drink 1,806,000 L of water.

Custom Electric had the good fortune to take part in Phase 2 of the new ATB Centre in Lethbridge, a project with over $20 million in local contracts alone. Many out-of-town contractors used local labour, which was another big boost for the economy in the City of Lethbridge.

The ATB Centre will be the 3rd largest YMCA in North America, named Cor Van Raay YMCA. The complex is substantial, with an impressive amount of material used in the build; 2.8 million pounds of steel, 140,000 concrete blocks, and over 5,000 cubic meters of concrete for the floors, pools, and sidewalks. Furthermore, the facility contains 47,000 meters of data cable, 13,000 meters of coaxial cable, 7,200 meters of fibre optic strands, and 321,517 meters of electrical wiring which is enough cable to reach all the way from Calgary to Lethbridge and back!The ATB Centre has been built with energy efficiency in mind. The structure utilizes many interesting technologies, among which is the “View Dynamic” glass; Windows that dim automatically to reduce glare and improve the energy efficiency of the building by up to 20%.  Solar panels have been installed on the roof (with the capacity to add more panels in the future), the building uses all LED lighting, and the lights in the parking lot dim when the lot is not in use. In addition, the waste heat from ice plant refrigeration units in Phase 1 is being used to preheat the water for taps, showers, pools, and even the in-floor heating system.

At Custom Electric, we are proud to have been a part of the construction team for this unique and expansive project and look forward to future opportunities in the City of Lethbridge and beyond.