Custom Electric Ltd. provides preventative, predictive and routine electrical maintenance services for clients in the commercial, residential and industrial sectors. Our on-call, full time service technicians supply 24/7 emergency services for unexpected critical system failures, responding quickly to resolve your issues in a timely manner. In addition to our certified, highly skilled service technicians, our service team includes a Service Manager, Service Coordinator and Estimator.

Benefits of Solar Power

Preventative Maintenance

Partnering with your organization, we will assess your systems and develop a plan that ensures your critical electrical infrastructure is maintained and optimized for your building operations.  All electrical maintenance is documented, from scope to frequency, repair and replacement services, and where applicable, drawings will be provided when electrical distribution changes are made.

A Proactive Approach to Prevent Electrical Failures

Routine maintenance can stop as much as two-thirds of electrical equipment failures. Components and systems that are not monitored are three times more likely to fail than those that undergo scheduled preventative maintenance.

Taking a proactive approach, preventative maintenance programs allow for identification of potential electrical problems before they occur, enabling scheduled maintenance downtime when it is convenient for your building and tenants, rather than having an unexpected, unscheduled outage.  Routine maintenance also extends the life of your equipment and is a much more affordable alternative than the cost to repair an electrical system outright.

Please contact us to learn more about our Preventative Maintenance Programs.

Emergency Service

Around the Clock, 24/7 Service

Custom Electric’s on-call service technicians are ready to respond to your unexpected electrical emergencies. If your critical systems falter or fail, our service technicians are available around the clock to quickly resolve and repair your issues.

Custom Electric Ltd. Emergency Service: (403) 291-3303

Aerial Bucket Truck Electrical Services

As a full service electrical contracting firm, Custom Electric Ltd. provides aerial bucket truck services enabling our licensed and highly skilled electricians to access hard to reach areas. Our expert electricians provide the following services:

  • Installation and removal of overhead services
  • Lighting retrofitting
  • LED lighting upgrades
  • Installation of pole lights
  • And more


As a full service electrical company, we can provide specific processes tailored to your project’s needs including but not limited to:

Design Build

Design Build

Design Assist

Design Assist

Electrical Construction

Electrical Construction

Construction Managment

Construction Managment

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