The RAP (Registered Apprenticeship Program) program is an investment in our youth and future workforce. Careers partners with schools to connect students with employers, providing students opportunities to explore careers they love.

Through RAP, students Jeremy and Lacey gained practical, hands-on experience at the University of Calgary’s MacKimmie Tower & Block Redevelopment project. During their time with Custom, they learned so much, gained new insight into the industry, and explored their love of the electrical trade. Over this time, they have witnessed and contributed to the installation of the many systems that are required to complete this project (to which they were quite surprised with how much planning occurred and “hidden” pipework was installed).

Since 2013, Custom has hired 45 high school students through the program. More information about the program can be found here:

We are happy to announce that Jeremy has been hired full-time to Custom’s team, and Lacey is very interested in continuing her career as an electrician. Congratulations Jeremy, and Lacey! We wish you the best on your path to becoming electricians. And a big thank you to Careers: Next Generation for the opportunity to have them on our team!