#construction#electrical#team The marathon is finally over! Custom Electric has completed laying miles of conduit within structural concrete at the MacKimmie Library and Block redevelopment project.

This is a very exciting milestone for the MacKimmie Link & Block. Due to the large quantity of ceilings and walls that are finished concrete, the University of Calgary required conduit to be installed within the concrete in public spaces. We have installed a lot of electrical infrastructure in the concrete: 148,000 feet of core line electrical non-metallic tubing (ENT) conduit to be exact. That is equal to over 45 km of conduit running through concrete – which is slightly longer than a full marathon race.  This ENT conduit will provide power and communication pathways for lighting and lighting control systems, branch circuitry, fire alarm systems, lecture rooms audio & visual equipment, and communications systems.

To accomplish this milestone within the tight project schedule, while maintaining accuracy and efficiency, Custom’s Visual Design Coordination (VDC) team cross referenced layout plans against the building’s BIM model to create a virtual geospatial layout of the infrastructure. The team then used Trimble’s Robotic Total Station (RTS) to layout and install all conduit along with 3730 in-slab junction boxes prior to concrete being poured. This process allowed us to layout, install, and inspect the installation in days instead of weeks. Per floor there are approximately 700 points to lay out. Preplanning virtual design information was disseminated accurately and efficiently from the VDC team to the site electricians via Bluebeam Drawings (a free downloadable app).

The efficiency gains were dramatic. Our team was able to complete the per floor lay out in under 4 days and were able to install all ENT conduit in approximately 6 days. Without BIM, geospatial preplanning, Trimble RTS, and Bluebeam Drawings, the onsite install would have taken an estimated 8 to 12 days and 8 to 10 days, respectively.

Our teams’ innovative application of technology and willingness to challenge the status quo has benefitted the MacKimmie project immensely. At this point in the project, we expect to see it completed on time and below budget.